Physics and Astronomy Mailing Lists


Below is a listing of  the mailing lists for the department. To send a message to a given list, use the name displayed under the list column and append Click on a list name to get more information about the list members.

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List Description
admin Administrative Staff
all Everyone in Physics & Astronomy
amoseminar AMO Seminar
astrofaculty Astronomy Faculty
astrograds Astronomy Graduate Students
astroseminar Astronomy Bag Lunch
chair Chairman of the Department
dctobservers DCT Observers
emeritusfaculty Emeritus Faculty
faculty All Physics & Astronomy Faculty
grads All Physics & Astronomy Graduate Students
instructors Part Time Instructors
labs McMaster Hall Research Labs
Undergrad Lab TAs for Fall 2011
lecturers Physics and Astronomy Lecturers
mcmaster McMaster Hall Building
medphysicsfaculty MedPhysics Faculty
medphysicsgrads MedPhysics Grads
medphysicsseminar Medical Physics Seminar
observers One Meter Telescope Users
office Office Admin
physicsfaculty Physics Faculty
physicsgrads Physics Grads
physicsseminar Physics Seminar
postdocs Post Docs
researchprof Research Professor
reu Undergraduate Student Researchers
ritter Ritter Observatory
sps Society of Physics Students
ta Current Teaching Assistants
techstaff Technical Staff
undergrads Undergraduate Students
utobs UT Observationss
vap Visiting Assistant Professors

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