physicsfaculty Mailing List

The email address for the "physicsfaculty" mailing list is:

physicsfaculty _AT_mail_DOT_physics_DOT_utoledo_DOT_edu

Members of this list are displayed below.

Bo Gao -- bo_DOT_gao_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Jacques Amar -- jacques_DOT_amar_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Jimes Palmer -- james_DOT_palmer_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Michael Heben -- michael_DOT_heben_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Nikolas Podraza -- nikolas_DOT_podraza_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Randy Ellingson -- randy_DOT_ellingson_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Robert Collins -- robert_DOT_collins_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Sanjay Khare -- sanjay_DOT_khare_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Scott Lee -- scott_DOT_lee_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Song Cheng -- song_DOT_cheng_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Thomas Kvale -- thomas_DOT_kvale_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Victor Karpov -- victor_DOT_karpov_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Xunming Deng -- xunming_DOT_deng_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Yanfa Yan -- yanfa_DOT_yan_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu

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