researchprof Mailing List

The email address for the "researchprof" mailing list is:

researchprof _AT_mail_DOT_physics_DOT_utoledo_DOT_edu

Members of this list are displayed below.

Adam Phillips -- adam_DOT_phillips_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Baicheng Weng -- baicheng_DOT_weng_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Dengbing Li -- dengbing_DOT_li_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Dewei Zhao -- dewei_DOT_zhao_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Madhusudan Ojha -- madhusudan_DOT_ojha_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Prakash Koirala -- prakash_DOT_koirala_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Reva Williams -- reva_DOT_williams_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Xiaoming Wang -- xiaoming_DOT_wang_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu
Yunsic Shim -- yunsic_DOT_shim_AT_utoledo_DOT_edu

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